Perfect for a variety of applications – from dams, caissons, wind turbine foundations, bridge decks, backfilling, environmental, warehouse slabs, foundations, footings, tilt-up to outdoor slabs – we are up for every job. Our fast and efficient output will get your jobs done quicker, better and at a lower overall cost.

  • Fast and efficient/output up to 4 cubic yards per minute (3 cubic meters per minute)
  • Places high volumes with ease
  • Can take on any job in different conditions
  • Saves you time and labor
  • Performs multiple tasks from one location.
  • Quick setup and teardown.
  • Places material at high volumes with less manpower and handling machinery.
  • Can handle any aggregate 4”(100mm) or less.

Stone Slinger™ line of high-speed conveyor trucks is still the industry leader for precise placement of aggregates, sand, soils, crush, drain rock, radon rock, crushed landscape rock. advanced controls, fast loading/unloading cycles and assured quality make Stone Slinger™ the cost-efficient choice for accurately placing bulk material for:

  • Foundation drain rock, radon gas rock, road beds/shouldering
  • Pipeline sand bedding and drainage projects
  • Landscape finishing and contouring
  • Erosion and flood control

TELEBELTS® offer a quick way to easily clear obstacles and place material exactly where you want it!